Philosophical consulting is a facilitative practice designed to affect change within people and processes. Our goal is to motivate a process of learning in which thinking is clarified, problems are reframed, and people are transformed. We think alongside you while experimenting with bold ideas.

Because our services are not directive, our client relationships begin with a process of critical listening to understand your challenges in context. The way a problem is framed has a dramatic impact on the structure and direction of the inquiry that will follow.  A core principle of our practice is to ensure that this process (which we call problematization) is carried out accurately. We will then design and recommend a plan of inquiry to address your needs.

For small groups and teams, this plan generally includes a variety of philosophical laboratories tailored to specific address needs. We can facilitate inquiry into a relatively structured problem in a single laboratory of 2-3 hours. Less structured situations may require work across several days.

For individuals, we also provide philosophical coaching services designed to apply critical pressure on specific workplace issues, or which catalyze inquiry into questions of professional identity and growth.