Elevated Logic works with individuals and teams to engage depth analysis, provoke inquiry, and structure thinking. We specialize in providing  philosophical coaching services (for individuals) and philosophical laboratories (for teams) that facilitate the following domains of philosophical practice:

Focused inquiry
Deploying logical protocols to deepen thinking and engage creative solution generation.

Critical reflection
Critical mapping of the paradigms that shape how individuals and teams approach  and experience problems.

Values calibration
Excavating and clarifying core values of individuals and groups to cultivate more purposeful work.

Conceptual reframing
Reframing situational contexts to understand how ideas, services, or products can be reconstructed or transferred to new environments.

Framework expansion
Deploying philosophical perplexity to disrupt entrenched solutions or traditional approaches.

Deliberative dialogue
Engaging teams with competing or contradictory perspectives in deliberative processes to create cohesion and/or advance novel directions.

Problem structuring
Developing analytical frames that tame unstructured or ill-structured problems.

Knowledge transformation
Reconstruction of the core properties of assumed knowledge in order modify beliefs about a situation or problem.