Businesses have long realized the power of academic disciplines for accomplishing strategic objectives. The natural sciences and mathematics play a fundamental role in advancing technological breakthroughs and the social sciences shape business strategy and workplace productivity. Philosophy is the oldest academic discipline, but it is also the most misunderstood and underutilized in business contexts. 

Philosophy and business are aligned in more ways than you might expect. Both are concerned with understanding how ideas frame the actions of individuals and groups. Both embrace central values like clarity of thought, careful analysis of problems, and creative solution generation.  We believe that philosophy is more than a way to think about the world. It is a powerful tool for changing it.

Our advanced training and continued engagement in the discipline allows us to harness the depth analysis and logical protocols developed and advanced in philosophy for more than two thousand years. We move beyond surface-level analytic approaches by applying critical pressure to the governing paradigms and assumptions that lie behind conventional judgments, practices, and frameworks. Simply stated, we have honed the capacity to think more deeply and critically about the problems facing our clients.